Develop and manage performance management processes

BSBHRM512 Hawthorn

Aims and objectives

How you will benefit

  • Learn how to analyse strategic and operational plans
  • Learn how to develop key performance indicators
  • Develop timeframes and processes and ensure system flexibility
  • Learn how to consult with key stakeholders and gain support for implementation
  • Learn how to train relevant personnel to monitor performance
  • Assist line managers to address poor performance
  • Support line managers to counsel and discipline employees
  • Provide support to terminate employees
  • Learn how to recognise excellence
  • Learn how to store documented outcomes and develop performance feedback plans
  • Learn how to provide training on feedback processes
  • Develop performance improvement plans
  • Establish processes to deal with problems and grievances
  • Coordinate specialist advice on career development and contract providers for performance development
  • Understand how to design and deliver learning and development plans
  • Learn how to monitor learning and development activities
  • Evaluate and improve performance management system

What will be covered

  • Introduction to performance management systems
  • Develop performance management system
  • Implement performance management system
  • Coordinate formal feedback processes
  • Coordinate individual and group learning plans