Design Study Tour

DDD20025 12.5 Credit Points per subject Off-Campus


  • Approx 3 weeks conducted normally in non-teaching weeks.

Contact hours

  • Approx 45 hours



Aims and objectives

Design is a multidisciplinary, broadly based profession that meets people’s needs in different contexts and draws from national and international resources. This unit allows students to gain an intensive study abroad experience
combined with a cultural tour related to the design professions in the international context. Cultural visits may involve
visits to industry, design studios, relevant organisations, events, art and design schools, and museums. The unit aims
to engage students with the cultural, social and educational environments within international design contexts; to
provide opportunities for students to engage with culturally rich forums and places of interest; and to improve students' understanding of parallels and differences in design praxis, methodologies and social/historical influences across cultures.
After successfully completing this unit, students should be able to:
1. Synthesise the knowledge of the design professions gained in the cultural contexts of the study abroad experience
2. Apply these understandings to their own designs in a discipline-specific design project.