Indigenous Studies

Minor Hawthorn

These units introduce students to the broad and diverse field of Indigenous Studies.  The minor investigates a range of issues that influence the lives and experiences of a number of Indigenous peoples throughout the world, with a focus on Indigenous Australians. Beginning with a broad introduction to Indigenous Australia, each of the units allows students to explore theoretical and practical topics in order to gain and develop a better understanding of Indigenous cultures in contemporary Australian society. Utilising a range of teaching methods, including excursions and guest speakers, students will learn about effects of colonialism, aspects of contemporary spirituality, issues of identity and representation, and Indigenous Entrepreneurship.


Minor (4 units)
Minors are a prescribed set of units that may broaden a student’s learning, knowledge and skill set by introducing them to a new discipline area or expanding on topics covered in their major.

A unit can only be counted once as part of a major, co-major or minor. Minors contain no elective choice and are made up of 4 units (50 cps). Subject to faculty approval some unit substitution is allowable.