Mindfulness - Using present moment awareness to drive well-being and performance at work

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In a world in which occupational stress is on the rise with links to increased absenteeism, accidents at work and loss of talented workers, the potential impact of regular mindfulness practices on organizational effectiveness and worker health and well-being is significant.

The benefits of mindfulness practice has been the subject of scientific studies in recent years and has demonstrated that those who practice mindfulness; experience greater resilience, reduced stress, improved concentration, increased productivity and an enhanced ability to manage interpersonal conflict in comparison to those who don’t.

Due to these benefits, mindfulness is becoming an essential practice for organisations and individuals committed to building leadership capability.

Despite all of this, there is still uncertainty for many people and organisations, about exactly what it is, what it does, how it works and how to build it. In this one-day program, these questions are systematically addressed to provide participants with the fundamentals of all they need to develop their own mindfulness practice and ideas for implementing this within their own workplace.


1 day


$720 Victoria
$495 Tasmania (2018)

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