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Time management is an area most of us can improve in, and it certainly never feels like there’s ever enough time in the day! This course looks at how we manage ourselves and our decisions. After all, everyone has the same amount of time every day, and yet some people seem very skilled at knowing how to use their time well.

This course takes a highly practical look at the workplace cultures that cause interruptions and how to manage them. It also looks at the human brain, willpower, priorities and action plans, and furnishes you with a series of methods to manage your systems, and your time.

Who should attend?

Anyone wanting to learn how to develop prioritisation strategies and techniques for effectively managing different time demands.

Every international student application is considered for a scholarship
Whether you’re living in Australia or overseas, you’re automatically considered for a scholarship of up to 75% off your course fees. Please check our updated entry requirements.  

Register and pay online via credit card. Please note that we accept Visa and Mastercard only. Refunds are not available for this course.


4 Hours

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