Microsoft Excel Intermediate

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This Microsoft Excel Intermediate short course will take your Excel skills to the next level, so you can start working smarter with spreadsheets and use them to improve your efficiency and organisation at work.

In this one-day Excel course, you will learn intermediate Excel skills including how to use shortcuts, complex functions and relative and absolute formulas. You’ll be exposed to functions for financial and logical calculations, and learn useful methodologies to approach tasks in Excel with more confidence.

Reduce time spent on manual tasks with Autofilling and Sequential filling, and discover how to work with Custom Lists. Gain new insights faster by learning how to manipulate data with VLOOKUP, IF and PMT functions and Excel data filtering.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for a range of uses, but most users only scratch the surface of its capabilities. This Excel training course helps you to un-learn processes you may have picked up from learning Excel on the job, replacing them with the most efficient ways to achieve effective outcomes.

If you want to improve your Excel skills, create more professional spreadsheets and use shortcuts, functions and formulas to make your job easier, Microsoft Excel Intermediate is for you.

Who should attend?

Anyone who uses Microsoft Excel at work and wants to advance their skills and knowledge. This Excel short course is perfect for those wanting to learn Excel beyond simple workbooks to drive efficiency and perform more complex tasks.

Recommended: We recommend that participants have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel to get the most out of the Excel Intermediate course. If you are a beginner or want to brush up on the fundamentals, check out our Microsoft Excel Introduction short course.

Every international student application is considered for a scholarship
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Note: this course is taught on a Windows PC platform and is therefore suitable for Windows PC users only. This course is not suitable for Mac OS users.


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