Mental Health Essentials for People Leaders

Navigating mental health challenges in the workplace can be complex. This course delves into strategies for people leaders to enhance their ability to recognise initial indicators of compromised mental wellbeing. Gain valuable expertise in effective communication interventions, making reasonable accommodations, and fostering a culture of seeking assistance. This training serves as a proactive method to boost understanding of mental health, diminish stigmas on personal, societal, and organisational levels, and equip leaders with essential skills to provide optimal support for their team members.

This half-day intensive program is crafted for leaders aiming to harness an in-depth understanding of mental health within their teams. Emphasising early recognition and strategic intervention, you will be equipped with a suite of skills to navigate mental health challenges and foster a culture of understanding and support.

Who should attend?

Leaders and managers who want to expand their understanding and effective communication on mental health to get the best from their team, and create better positive outcomes for their team members.

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0.5 day (half day)

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