Masterclass: Transformational Leadership

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This two day Transformational Leadership course teaches the theory, methods, models, and processes of being a leader capable of taking an organisation through change. 

You will explore the dynamics of leadership; what is it and how is it done well. Leading through change is not about tasks, task functions or teams. It’s a radically different leader who comes in and is focused on succeeding together, versus a leader who is motivated by ego and achievement.

This leadership course has two core elements; personal and organisational transformation. We dig into the interior dynamics of leaders and find out what their motivators are and why that is. This is about what makes individuals tick. This knowledge can then be rolled out at the organisational level for successful change.

Note: It is recommended that you speak to one of Customer Development Advisors before registering to this course as there may be a level of prior knowledge and experience required to do this course. Please call us on 1800 633 560 for more information.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders who are responsible for leadership development and providing strategic leadership during change processes.
  • Human resources professionals responsible for the development of organisational capabilities.
  • Organisational development practitioners facilitating organisational change.
  • Individuals interested in breakthrough leadership and contemporary global trends and practices

Every international student application is considered for a scholarship
Whether you’re living in Australia or overseas, you’re automatically considered for a scholarship of up to 20% off your course fees. Please check our updated entry requirements.


2 days

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