Masterclass: Leader as Coach

This leadership coaching course is a hands-on program that teaches you how to become a coach or coach your colleagues and leaders to new heights. Through coaching you can learn to build trust and rapport within your team and boost your communication skills by using active listening, reflection, empathy, and powerful questioning.

Leaders with the skills to coach are more effective at motivating their teams, creating connections, building trust, and fostering an environment of innovation. You will empower your team, colleagues and leaders to think differently, create self-awareness, and teach integrated thinking and observation.

To get the most out of this Leader as Coach training, you are asked to be ready and open to being coached and share your experiences with the wider group.

Who should attend?

This is an intensive leadership coaching program that is well suited to people who are stepping up their career, are seeking to get the best out of their team, or who would like to become specialist coaches.

Every international student application is considered for a scholarship
Whether you’re living in Australia or overseas, you’re automatically considered for a scholarship of up to 30% off your course fees. Please check our updated entry requirements.


2 Days

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