Finance for Non-Finance Managers - Understanding Numbers and Business Impact

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This course has been discontinued - this course is closed for new enrolments, the information on this page is provided for continuing students.

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This two day Finance for non finance managers course equips you with the skills to understand business financials and shows how to confidently hold financial discussions with the leadership team.

You will be able to make rapid and accurate decisions based on financial data, and understand the impact of these decisions.

This course is not for accountants! It is a core skill that all manager and leaders should have, to be able to confidently sit in meetings where complex accounting and financial discussions are held.

You will learn the fundamentals of finance, including how to decipher accounting terminology and industry jargon, be able to undertake topline interpretation of reports and business cases and make decisions based on presented financials.

This course doesn’t require, or focus on, mathematics skills. Rather, it focuses on terminology, report interpretation and how to unpack, and understand what is represented in complex financial models and reports.

You’ll gain a fundamental understanding of the impact of actions and behaviours on the business financials.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for non-finance professionals, line managers, senior managers, business owners, C-suite leaders and anyone who wants to increase their understanding of financial reporting, analysis and conversations in the workplace.

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