Developing Your Social Media Strategy

Social media has been one of the most disruptive communications methods in the last decade, and while it’s evolving, it has truly reached critical mass.

This raises the question: how can it best serve my organisation, if at all?

In this course, you will learn the strategic side of social media; which tools you might use, how you are going to use them, getting a return on your social investment, and other considerations.

We take a look at both the organisations that are doing it well and others that aren’t. We also look at the content you could curate, create, and source, to ease the content creation burden.

This one-day short course is focused on strategy rather than any one specific platform, so you will come away with a solid concept of what is right for your organisation and how to strategically plan and implement it.

Whether you’ve found yourself working on social media by accident or have been briefed to get started but are seeking validation and sense-testing, this course will give you a strong understanding of social media strategy.

On completing the course, in addition to the skills and knowledge you acquire you will also be provided with a development guide and templates for creating your own social media strategy; one that's aligned to who you are and where you want to be heading.

Who should attend?

This course is an entry-level, yet strategic, one-day program that applies to anyone responsible for managing social media in an organisation or developing communications policies. People at all levels of expertise will get value from this course if social media in a business context is new to them.

Every international student application is considered for a scholarship
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1 day

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