Contract Management Essentials

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Today, over 17% of the Australian workforce is an independent contractor* and around 85% of all workplace functions are outsourced**.

Our modern workplaces are inundated with contracts of all sizes, and many professionals need to have a solid understanding of contract management in order to do their jobs. It’s fair to say that contract management is no longer exclusively the realm of the legal profession.

This two-day contract management training course teaches participants how to sit confidently at the table when legal and contract discussions are occurring and successfully communicate, negotiate, and brief their requirements to meet their business contract objectives.

This course is designed to give contract administrators, managers, administration professionals, and contractors themselves the templates, terminology, glossaries, skills, and knowledge to engage with lawyers and suppliers alike.

Participants who complete this course will have improved contract and legal literacy so they can have effective conversations with lawyers, brief them accurately, and manage their contracts compliantly.

This contract administration course is especially valuable for SME business owners who have experienced rapid growth, their contracts have grown accordingly, and they now need to step-up their legal engagements and contract robustness.

*Source: Self Employed Australia and Australian Bureau of Statistics

**Source: Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA)

Who should attend?

Contract administrators and general administrators will find great value in this course. It is suitable for anyone who is a contractor themselves, who works in an organisation that outsources work, or is seeking to raise their contract literacy to better brief lawyers or review supplier agreements.

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