Masterclass: Change Management

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This Masterclass in Change Management teaches managers how to take briefs for change and create a framework that delivers.

It’s estimated that two out of three change initiatives fail. That is often due to a disconnect between the generation of an idea for change, and the ability to truly create change through stakeholder management, project frameworks, and effective communication.

Change management, and the ability to work to a change vision, has now become an important and expected work attribute. The ability to be a true change master is what will differentiate leaders and boost careers.

The ability to be bold and visionary, and create innovative and sustainable change, is rare but can be learnt.

In this two-day change management course, you will learn how to deeply understand the dynamics of change and employ your own custom change management strategies to turn challenges and crises into opportunities.

Discover how to make the leap from being a change manager to a highly valued change master, with the ability to devise your own change management plan.

Who should attend?

Change is a real career path, and participants are often experienced leaders and managers who want to improve their change management capability. This course is also suitable for change management practitioners who want to develop a higher standard of change management strategy and leaders who want to better understand the rapid evolution of business practices and develop visionary change leadership.

We recommend you speak to one of our Customer Development Advisors before you register, as there is some prior knowledge and experience required to do this course. Please call us on 1800 633 560 for more information.

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