Make Better Decisions with Experimentation

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This course has been discontinued - this course is closed for new enrolments, the information on this page is provided for continuing students.

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This business experimentation short course will equip you with practical skills to run fast, low-cost business experiments. You’ll gain the capabilities and tools to quickly learn from your customers, test new business strategies and make better business decisions quickly and effectively.

Strategic decision making can be challenging, particularly when the success of your organisation or team depends on it. Relying on your instincts, intuition or a hunch to make important business decisions doesn’t always work, and can result in situations that may have been avoided by running small experiments first.

This course teaches effective business experimentation methods and provides business experimentation examples from world-class companies. You will learn how to use experimentation principles to test and validate your own ideas and use them to make more effective data-driven strategic decisions. You’ll also learn how to design your own smart business experiments, which metrics to look out for, and how to turn insights into action.

These are valuable skills for professionals working in marketing, product development, business management and more. If you make strategic decisions that involve risk, a cost investment or market testing, business experiments can be a game-changer. They can help you gain a competitive advantage, lead with confidence and deliver more successful projects.

Who should attend?

Professionals who need to make strategic or competitive decisions regularly in the workplace. This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to test and validate their ideas and use the data to make better business decisions.

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