Bachelor of Aviation and Piloting / Bachelor of Business

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This course is not available to local students.
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Course rules

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Aviation and Piloting/Bachelor of Business, students must complete 400 credit points comprising of:

  • 11 Aviation core units (137.5 credit points)
  • 1 Aviation core unit selected from two options (12.5 credit points)
  • 8 units of study from the Aviation Major (100 credit points)
  • 4 Business core studies units (50 credit points)
  • 8 units of study from one  Business Major (100 credit points)

Students may not complete more than 150 credit points (12 units) at Stage 1 (unit codes with a first digit of '1').

A unit of study can only be counted once. Where units are shared between majors and/or minors, students must choose an approved alternative unit.

Additional Practicum Units (12.5 credit points each) are available to students when additional flying hours are needed to fulfill licencing requirements of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Students who enrol for an Additional Practicum Unit will be required to pay additional tuition fees.

Practicum (AVF) and associated licence theory (AVT) units that are either delivered by a University recognised flying provider or credited under a Credit Transfer Agreement will be done so under the requirements of the University’s Academic Partnerships Policy.

Special requirements
In addition to the standard academic progress rules, this course has the following additional academic progress rules which are established in accordance with Academic Courses Regulation 62(2):

  • A student who has not met the flying hours requirement and is approved to enrol in an additional practicum unit will be awarded a CON (Continuing) grade for the initial practicum unit.
  • Following the completion of the additional practicum unit, the relevant grade will be awarded towards the additional practicum unit with the CON grade remaining for the initial unit.