Bachelor of Nursing

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Course rules

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Nursing students must complete 300 credit points comprising: 

  • 21 core units of study (18 x 12.5 credit point units of study; 3 x 25 credit point units of study (287.5 credit points))

This course provides students with 800 clinical practicum hours. Students will be advised that eligibility for professional accreditation requires the successful completion of 800 hours.

Students must pass in the clinical assessment for all professional experience practice placements. Conceded passes are not consistent with industry expectations; therefore conceded passes will not be granted for this course in accordance with Academic Courses Regulation 52.

Academic Progress – special requirements

In addition to the standard academic progress rules, this course has the following additional academic progress rules which are established in accordance with Academic Courses Regulation 62(2):

  • A student is classified as 'at risk' of unsatisfactory progress if they:
    (a) fail any unit of study
    (b) behave in a manner which breaches the Swinburne Student Charter whilst on a professional placement
  • A student is classified as 'unsatisfactory progress' if they:
    (a) fail any unit of study in the next Progress Review period after being classified as being 'at risk'
    (b) fail a Professional Placement or Work Experience in Industry unit
    (c) have their professional placement terminated early by an industry partner. In the case of early termination of an industry placement by an industry partner, the student will be deemed as having 'unsatisfactory progress' and a progress review hearing may be convened within two weeks of the cessation of the placement.

Students who are identified as having unsatisfactory progress will be subject to the show cause provisions in the Progress Review section of the Academic Progress Policy.

Maximum Academic Credit
The maximum level of credit that can be granted is one year - 100 credit points (normally eight units). All applications for RPL are considered on an individual basis as per the university policies and procedures.