Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours)

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Course rules

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours), students must complete 400 credit points (cps) comprising of 16 core units. Units in this degree carry 25 cps. A standard annual full-time load comprises four units (100 cps), and a standard annual part-time load comprises two units (50 cps). The volume of learning of the Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours) is typically 4 years.

Honours merit calculation

Based on the averaged results of four units (100 cps) in the final year of the course with the following descriptive outcomes:

  • BEngPrac (Hons) with High Distinction; for students who achieve ≥ 80 
  • BEngPrac (Hons) with Distinction; for students who achieve 70 – 79 
  • BEngPrac (Hons) with Credit; for students who achieve 60 – 69 
  • BEngPrac (Hons); for students who achieve < 60 

The following units will be used in the Honours merit calculation:

  • ENG41001 Social Impact Project 4
  • ENG41002 Emerging Technologies Project 4
  • ENG41003 Research & Development Project 4
  • ENG41004 Entrepreneurship Project 4