Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours)

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Course rules

To qualify for the award of Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours), students must complete 400 credit points comprising of:

  • 16 Core Units of Study (400 credit points) including
  • 15 Capability learning components

Capability learning components

All 15 capabilities will be completed as a requirement of the course.

Self-Domain (39 Credentials)
CAPA0001 Being a Professional Engineer
CAPA0002 Personal Development
CAPA0003 Local and Global Citizenship

Thinking Domain (10 Credentials)
CAPA0004 Thinking
Process Domain (64 Credentials)
CAPA0005 Research
CAPA0006 Design
CAPA0007 Make
CAPA0008 Operate

Work Domain (55 Credentials)
CAPA0009 Professionalism
CAPA0010 Communication
CAPA0011 Teamwork
CAPA0012 Project Management
CAPA0013 Business Acumen

Disciplinary Domain (124 Credentials)
CAPA0014 Engineering Fundamentals
CAPA0015 Specialist Engineering

Academic Progress – Special Requirements

In addition to the standard academic progress rules, the Engineering Practice course has the following additional academic progress rules which are established in accordance with Academic Courses Regulation 62(2):

1. A student is classified as 'at risk' of unsatisfactory progress if they:
a. fail any unit of study
b. behave in a manner which breaches the Swinburne Student Charter whilst working on an industry or community project
c. fail to demonstrate reasonable progression towards completion of all capability learning components.*

2. A student is classified as 'unsatisfactory progress' if they:
a. fail any unit of study in the next Progress Review period after being classified as being 'at risk'

*Reasonable progression towards the completion of capability learning components is:

  • 60 credentials before starting 2nd year units (8 Self Domain, 12 Work Domain, 3 Thinking Domain, 10 Process Domain & 27 Disciplinary Domain)
  • 145 credentials before starting 3rd year units (16 Self Domain, 28 Work Domain, 6 Thinking Domain, 30 Process Domain, 65 Disciplinary Domain)

Students who are identified as having unsatisfactory progress and required to ‘show cause’ will be subject to the

show cause provisions in the Progress Review section of the Academic Progress Policy.

Honours merit calculation   

Honours merit calculation will be based on the averaged results of 4 units (100cp) in the final year of the course with the following descriptive outcomes:

  • BEngPrac (Hons) with High Distinction; for students who achieve ≥ 80
  • BEngPrac (Hons) with Distinction; for students who achieve 70 – 79
  • BEngPrac (Hons) with Credit; for students who achieve 60 – 69
  • BEngPrac (Hons); for students who achieve < 60

The following units will be used in the Honours merit calculation:

  • ENG41001 Engineering Social Impact Project 4
  • ENG41002 Engineering Emerging Technologies Project 4
  • ENG41003 Engineering Research & Development Project 4
  • ENG41004 Engineering Entrepreneurship Project 4

For students who enter with exempted credits, all 4 outcome units must be completed at Swinburne to qualify for an honours merit calculation.