Bachelor of Aviation/ Bachelor of Business

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This course is not available to international students.
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Course rules

The Bachelor of Aviation / Bachelor of Business consists of a total of 32 units with 400 credit points total.

Units normally carry 12.5 credit points. In each academic year, eight units normally constitute a full-time load of 100 credit points and four units normally constitute a part-time* load of 50 credit points. The typical full-time student's average weekly workload during semester is expected to be 50 hours. Total student contact hours, including lectures, classes, tutorials, flexible learning and laboratory and field sessions will vary in different semesters, depending on units selected. Please note that international students are required to study full-time and on campus.

To qualify for the Bachelor of Aviation/Bachelor of Business, students must complete a total of 33 units (32 units with 400 credit points total and one compulsory, non-credit unit), as follows:

16 Aviation major units (200 credit points)

4 minor units (50 credit points), either

  • Aviation Technology minor
  • Aviation Management minor
  • Or any Swinburne Higher Education minor

4 core Business Studies units (50 credit points)^

8 Business major units (100 credit points)**

^ In total there are eight core Business Studies units. Four of the eight units are undertaken by the double degree students in this course. The remaining four units have been cross-credited with other Aviation units.

The following Business majors are offered:

  • Advertising
  • Commercial Law
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business
  • Management**
  • Tourism Management

** Due to cross-crediting, the first Management major unit (MGT10001) is not required. Aviation students who undertake the Management major will complete seven set units and one Business elective unit.


* Students holding an international student visa are required to study full-time and on campus.


*Please note BA-AV is pending an update to course rules from 2020 for the Industry Forum units. Once approved course rules will be updated in late December 2019.

Maximum Academic Credit
The maximum level of credit that can be granted for the Bachelor of Aviation / Bachelor of Business is 200 credit points (normally 16 units), 100 credit points maximum from each discipline