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Withdrawal from Course/Program Application

When should you use this form?

Use this form to request withdrawal from your course/program.

If you intend to only withdraw from units of your current program use Application to Amend Enrolment (Higher Education) or Student Amendment to Enrolment (TAFE Division). These forms are on the Student Forms website.

  • Before you apply to withdraw, it is strongly recommended that you discuss the matter with your Academic Unit
  • Depending on the date of your withdrawal you may still be liable for fees and not be eligible for a refund
  • Students cannot withdraw from their course enrolment to avoid the requirement to 'Show Cause' for unsatisfactory academic progress in a given academic year.

Fields marked with Mandatory are mandatory

Teaching Unit

Please complete a paper based Withdrawal from Program form and submit this directly to the Swinburne College administration office.

Personal Details

Australian Award scholarship students must have approval to withdraw from the Student Contact Officer. You must attach written approval from the Student Contact Officer here.

Note: International students holding a student or Australian Award visa should note that withdrawing from their program may affect their visa and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) will be advised of any approved withdrawal. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have a valid visa. Refunds to on-campus international students are made in accordance with the terms and conditions of the student's agreement with the University. Refunds must be applied for at Swinburne International and will not be processed unit the withdrawal is approved.


Course Information

Supporting Documents

Conditions, Privacy Statement & Disclaimer


  1. For domestic students the last date for withdrawal without a Financial Penalty is by close of business on the Unit of Study Census Date OR prior to commencement of classes for unit of study undertaken in block mode. (For Unit of Study Census Date refer to your Confirmation of Enrolment/Tax Invoice).
  2. Refunds are subject to the return of your University ID card, fee receipt, and any other University property or materials you may have in your possession.
  3. No refund of fees will be made where a student withdraws from a unit of study after close of business of the Unit of Study Census Date.
  4. The final date for withdrawal without an Academic Penalty on your results is dependent on the number of teaching weeks for your unit of study or program. The dates are listed below:
    • 12 week semester - by close of business on the Friday of the eighth teaching week
    • 6 week term - by close of business on the Friday of the fourth teaching week
    • Less than 6 week period - by close of business 2 days after the Unit of Study Census Date
  5. Before withdrawing students are advised to read the Higher Education 'Withdrawal from Program or Unit of Study' policy and procedure.


Full course withdrawal PRIOR to earliest Teaching Period Census date – To receive a refund/credit of fees you must submit this form and must officially withdraw from a course before the earliest unit census date. A full tuition fee and amenity fee refund/credit for units will be applied. Material fee refunds are at the discretion of the enrolling department.

Full course withdrawal AFTER the earliest Teaching Period Census date has passed – To receive a refund/credit of fees you must submit this form. A refund/credit of tuition fees will only be applied for any units with a future Census date. Amenities fees will only be refunded the difference if the student load reduces from 540+hrs to 539hrs or less. Material fee refunds are at the discretion of the enrolling department.

Privacy Statement & Disclaimer

Swinburne University of Technology collects, uses and destroys personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

I understand that if the request that I submit is incorrect or incomplete that my request will not be processed.