Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology

Fluid and Process Dynamics research group

Our research

The group is focussed on leading edge and high impact research to transform industries. We educate and train a new generation of researchers from around the world to be future-ready.   

Current areas of research

  • Bubble acoustics
  • Development of flow simulation software
  • Fluid-structure interaction
  • Ocean wave power
  • Respiratory flows and high-frequency ventilation
  • Thermodynamics and phase equilibria
  • Advanced metal refining and impurities removal
  • Alternative and urban resources processing
  • Aluminium smelting fundamentals
  • Oxygen steelmaking
  • Solar metallurgy and solar thermal research
  • Astro metallurgy, processing of metals in the moon

Understanding fluid and process behaviour is essential for addressing many global challenges for developing a future green society. This understanding is important in many facets of advanced society, such as in energy transformation, metal and materials productions, manufacturing and recycling of products.

The Fluid and Process Dynamics research group (FPD), part of the Department Mechanical and Product Design Engineering (MPDE), performs cutting-edge research in the areas of fluid dynamics/mechanics, fluid structures, thermodynamics, materials and energy transformation, high temperature chemical and materials processes.

The knowledge and science in these sub-disciplines underpins the research undertaken by the majority of Swinburne’s research institutes, with expertise provided by the FPD.