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Fluid and Process Dynamics research group

Meet the group

Group leader

NameResearch areaEmail
Professor Akbar Rhamdhani Advanced material refining; metals recycling and recovery from urban ores; thermodynamics; extractive metallurgy; solar metallurgy.  arhamdhani@swin.edu.au

Core researchers

NameResearch areaEmail
Associate Professor Justin Leontini  Fluid-structure interaction; fluid mechanics; bluff-body wakes; flow-induced vibrations; linear and floquet stability; ocean wave power jleontini@swin.edu.au
Associate Professor Jamal Naser Industrial computational fluid dynamics; combustion; fluid mechanics; foaming modelling jnaser@swin.edu.au
Professor Geoffrey Brooks  Steelmaking; aluminium and magnesium production; high temperature processes; solar metallurgy; extractive metallurgy; process metallurgy gbrooks@swin.edu.au
Professor Richard Manasseh Fluid dynamics; wave energy (ocean wave power); bubble acoustic; inertia wave collapse; linear / nonlinear wave interactions rmanasseh@swin.edu.au

Adjunct professors

NameResearch areaEmail
Adjunct Professor Guy Metcalfe Chaos; non-linear dynamic systems; Lagrangian coherent structure gmetcalfe@swin.edu.au  metcalfe.guy3@gmail.com
Adjunct Professor William John Rankin Pyrometallurgy; sustainability in metallurgy; minerals processing wrankin@swin.edu.au wjrankin@outlook.com
Adjunct Professor John Grandfield Aluminium and magnesium casting technology; aluminium refining; tungsten and scandium metals jgrandfield@swin.edu.au grandfieldtech1@bigpond.com
Adjunct Professor Mark Pownceby Geometallurgy; advanced materials characterisation; mineralogy and chemistry of minerals mpownceby@swin.edu.au mark.pownceby@csiro.au
Adjunct Professor Douglas Swinbourne Pyrometallurgy; non-ferrous metallurgy dswinbourne@swin.edu.au douglas.swinbourne@rmit.edu.au


Postdoctoral and postgraduate researchers

NameResearch areaEmail
Dr Reiza Mukhlis High temperature processing rmukhlis@swin.edu.au
Dr Shuang Zhu  Bubble acoustics sjzhu@swin.edu.au
Sheikh Ahasan Ahammad Advanced numerical modeling of packed-bed combustion sahammad@swin.edu.au
Riyadh Fara Farhan Al-Attabi Functional electrospun nanofiber membranes ralattabi@swin.edu.au
Mst Farhana Diba CFD modelling of packed bed combustion fdiba@swin.edu.au
Andrew Dix Wave action Interactions in internal combustion engines ajdix@swin.edu.au
Azam Dolatshah Sea-ice drift: experiments, field observations and direct numerical simulations adolatshah@swin.edu.au
Elmira Fadaeiazar Wind and wave induced turbulence in the upper ocean efadaeiazar@swin.edu.au
Dhefaf Raisan Faisal CFD modeling of microfoam dfaisal@swin.edu.au
Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Thermodynamics of Ta and Ru during e-waste processing in copper smelting mohammadhasan@swin.edu.au
Isis Rosa Ignacio Sinter mineralogy and properties irosaignacio@swin.edu.au
Chinthaka Ravinatha Jacob Gas transport during high-frequency ventilation cjacob@swin.edu.au
Rohini Vasant Kadam Sound signal for controlling steelmaking process rkadam@swin.edu.au
Poom Kettalard Effect of alloying elements on the properties of shape memory alloy pkettalard@swin.edu.au
Shanti Krishnan Investigation into dark matter detector instrumentation skrishnan@swin.edu.au
Ka Ho Leung A detachable heat exchanger for air and cooling/heating medium kaholeung@swin.edu.au
Shirleen (Lee Yuen) Lo Stochastic modelling of biomass supply chain SLo@swinburne.edu.my
Aulia Qisthi Mairizal Mobile recycling facilities for urban ores (e-waste) amairizal@swin.edu.au
Negar Mohammadhosseini Flow-induced vibration of multiple bodies nhosseini@swin.edu.au
Deddy Chandra Nababan Rare earth metals recovery from batteries and permanent magnets dnababan@swin.edu.au
Sasikala Narasimman Steep wave interation with a floating body in SPH  
Luke Weiwei Ngu Technoeconomic analysis of natural gas sweetening plant lwngu@swinburne.edu.my
Bintang Ayu Nuraeni Valuable metals recovery from electric vehicles batteries bnuraeni@swin.edu.au
Suneeti Purohit Alternative route for ironmaking spurohit@swin.edu.au
Nastaran Rezaee Numerical studies of the flow particles in the microscale foams nrezaee@swin.edu.au
Md Mamunur Roshid Coupled oscillations of array bubbles mroshid@swin.edu.au
Asywendi Rukini Reduction of lead blast furnace slag using alternative reductant arukini@swin.edu.au
Nirmal Madhavanpillai Sajeevkumar Multi-zone kinetic model of oxygen steelmaking nmadhavanpillaisajee@swin.edu.au
Satish Samayam Investigation of local currents induced by an oscillating wave energy converter ssamayam@swin.edu.au
Abd Al Hamid Sarhan Numerical simulation of froth flotation asarhan@swin.edu.au
Matthew Shaw Processing of lunar regolith for metal extraction mgshaw@swin.edu.au
Danica Tothova Optimization of wave energy converters in single and array configurations dtothova@swin.edu.au
Robin Vanparys Fundamentals of direct reduction in the lead blast furnace rvanparys@swin.edu.au
Yuankun Zhang Heat transfer modelling of solar furnace yuankunzhang@swin.edu.au 466298030@qq.com

Technical officers

Mrs Yeannette Lizama ylizama@swin.edu.au
Mr Colin Dingfielder cdingfelder@swin.edu.au