Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology

Design, Manufacturing and Mechanics Research Group


Core researchers

NamePositionResearch areaEmail
Professor Guoxing Lu
Group leader Mechanics of materials and structures; impact engineering  glu@swin.edu.au
Professor Xiaodong Huang   Optimum design of macro-, micro- and nano-structures xhuang@swin.edu.au
Professor Syed Masood     Additive manufacturing smasood@swin.edu.au 
Professor Dong (Tracy) Ruan
  Characterisation of functional structures and materials  druan@swin.edu.au
Associate Professor Shoujin Sun
  Additive manufacturing ssun@swin.edu.au
Dr Yvonne Durandet
Senior lecturer Advanced joining and design  ydurandet@swin.edu.au
Dr Ambarish Kulkarni Senior lecturer Digital design and manufacturing ambarishkulkarni@swin.edu.au
Dr Kwong Ming Tse  Lecturer  Biomechanics  ktse@swin.edu.au
Dr Mostafa Nikzad Lecturer Manufacturing of advanced composites mnikzad@swin.edu.au