Centre for Urban Transitions

New ways of urban living

This theme addresses the behaviours of individual businesses and households, and the factors that can shape these behaviours in order to develop more sustainable urban lifestyles and practices. A particular focus is the consideration of non-financial factors that affect the uptake of sustainable technologies and practices.

Our research considers how individuals and households can live well and sustainably in changing urban settings through an investigation of their attitudes, behaviours and social practices. Key disciplines include urban sociology, psychology, and built environment and health.

Our studies include:

  • Road-testing new models of behaviour and social practice change 
  • Examining new practices and behaviours leading to low-carbon living
  • Developing new places: new models of child- and elderly-friendly urban spaces
  • Analysing the changing nature of home as neighbourhood and the development of resident-led liveable and healthy places
  • Identifying cultural practice innovation in sharing economies and investigating how these promote liveability.

Current and recent projects include studies of communication and media practices in home renovation, uptake of low-energy technology and household practices of food waste and recycling.