Centre for Urban Transitions

Regenerating our cities

Built form is a crucial element of urban areas. As cities develop new areas are constructed and existing areas are redeveloped. This research theme studies the strategies through which cities in Australia and around the world can reshape themselves in a way reduces carbon intensity while meeting sustainable development goals.

This work looks at the roles of urban planning policy, building sector energy policy, urban design, building retrofitting, design and operation, and community and private-sector engagement. Key disciplines involved are urban planning and design, urban informatics and architecture.

Our studies include:

  • Baseline assessments for key policy goals
  • Policy analysis of current dynamics and drivers of urban change 
  • Urban modelling and policy scenario analysis using GIS and building and policy performance data 
  • Common metrics and indicators for monitoring urban transformations
  • Economic, business-case and investment analysis in low-carbon urban development.

Current and recent projects include studies of the sustainability of infill development in middle suburbs, the impact of the uptake of photovoltaic power, and behavioural change in the construction industry.


Theme leader: Professor Niki Frantzeskaki
t: +61 3 9214 5899
e: nfrantzeskaki@swin.edu.au