Centre for Translational Atomaterials

About us

Atomic materials (atomaterials) refer to materials having particles or constituents of atomic (10−10 meter) dimensions, with excellent structure and composition accuracy. With their exotic properties, inherent integration and miniaturisation advantages, atomaterials have emerged as a promising successor for nanomaterials.

The Centre for Translational Atomaterials has been created to ideate, design, characterise, model, and develop transformative technologies based on atomic materials.

The Centre focuses on the establishment of the atomaterial concept, conducting molecular level theoretical modelling, simulation and intelligent design, undertaking accurately controlled synthesis and in-situ characterisation, developing atomic fabrication tools with tailored laser pulses and atomic tools, and translating the atotechnologies to industry to create a research and development ecosystem.

Based on the unique competitive advantages of Swinburne University of Technology in graphene fundamental research and technology development and translation, the Centre is designed to target the rising challenges in global material development and champion Swinburne to be one of the pioneers in the atomaterial field.