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Past events

Many local and international expert speakers have delivered presentations at our conferences, seminars and public lectures. Some past event listings include a video recording of the event. You can also follow us on YouTube for a complete list of our event videos. Join our mailing list if you'd like to be invited to our upcoming events.

Watch presentations delivered by speakers at some of CTI's conferences, seminars and public lectures.

14 November2018 Tom Spurling Oration - presented by Professor Steve BorgattiProfessor Steve Borgatti-

DateEvent titleSpeakerPresentation
24 February The next decade of Angles and Start-ups Jordan Green Download the Report [PDF 3.92MB]
26 March The Power of Collaboration & Translating Research Discoveries to Treatments Associate Professor Peter Czabotar, Wei Hei, University of Melbourne  
7 May Launch of the CSIRO Oral History Collection Professor Tom Spurling, CTI Swinburne, Professor Ian Raw, Professor Gavan Lambert, Mr Andrew Stammer  
4 July Synthetic Skin Cracks Global Market Professor Anthony Weiss, University of Sydney  
17 October The Technology Behind Better, Cheaper Solar Panels – presented by Professor Thorsten Trupke Professor Thorsten Trupke, University of New South Wales Download presentation [PDF 3.54MB]
27 November 2019 Tom Spurling Oration Professor David Mowery, HAAS School of Business, University of California Berkeley Video above
18 April Commercialisation of Defence Tech Darryn Smart, Group Leader, Communications and Elctronic Warfare, at Defence Science and Technology Group -
30 May Wi-Fi- Commercialising a Bid Idea from Australia Dr John O’Sullivan & Professor Terry Healy  
8 August A Folklore Remedy for Skin Cancer Dr Jim Aylward -
2 November Current Issues in the US Patent System Professor Adam Jaffe -
14 November 2018 Tom Spurling Oration - presented by Professor Steve Borgatti Professor Steve Borgatti -
16 February The Collaboration Challenge Professor Kathryn Fagg -
12 April 40 Years of Microfluidic Commercialisation Professor Erol Harvey  
16 August The Economics of Science Professor Paula Stephan  
27 September 25 Years Building a Blood Cancer Drug Professor Andrew Wilks  
12 October Changing the way, we Build Things Professor Mike Xie  
15 November Tom Spurling Oration: The Challenges Facing IP Systems: Researching for the Future Professor Rochelle Dreyfus  
4 December Secular Stagnation: History and Reality Professor Joel Mokyr  
5 May Frugal Innovation for Fertilising Imagination Professor Anil Gupta  
25 May The Biggest Game in Town: An analysis of the AFL’s vilification policy Associate Professor Dean Lusher  
25 May Pitching to Large Organisations David Thodey  
4 July Observing our Hearing and our pockets Dr Elaine Saunders  
25 July Outsourcing your (tech) problems Dr Alexander Gosling and Associate Professor Kurt Seeman  
12 September Putting the Plastic mirror on the Road Professor Peter Murphy  
25 October The Phenomenon of Patent Thickets Associate Professor Stefan Wagner  
24 June  Board Diversity: beyond political correctness Professor Linda Kirstjanson
Mr Simon McKeon
Professor Niamh Brennan
10 August The Economics of Knowledge Creation and Diffusion Professor Francesco Lissoni  
31 August The Trans-Pacific Partnership  Dr Matthew Rimmer  
24 November  The Challenge of Academic Patenting Professor Bruno van Pottelsberghe  
25 November The Politics of Industry Policy – Launch of the Centre for Transformative Innovation Professor Linda Kirstjanson
The Honourable Ted Bailieu
Dr Craig Emerson
Dr Martin Parkinson
David White