Radiofrequency Dosimetry Laboratory

The Swinburne Radiofrequency Dosimetry Laboratory is part of the Bioelectomagnetic Research Group. The RF Lab is available for research projects and on a consultancy basis to external clients.

The purpose-built Radiofrequency Dosimetry Laboratory was funded by Telstra Corporation and Swinburne. It contains equipment used at the former Telstra Research Laboratories and is still used by Telstra for compliance checking. It is also used by other external organisations for testing purposes and as a Swinburne research and teaching space.

The RF Dosimetry Lab is used to accurately measure RF energy absorption in specific regions of the body. To do this, it contains an anechoic chamber, an anthropomorphic phantom, a source simulator and a specific absorption rate (SAR) robot.

The widespread use of mobile telecommunications has increased the variety and complexity of our everyday exposure to RF transmissions. A set of international safety standards has been developed to set limits for human exposure to RF energy and address concerns about human exposure.

Demonstrating compliance with these standards is not simple. Whether and how RF energy is absorbed by the body is not easy to measure. For example, different tissues have differing susceptibility and RF energy beams can spread out and be reflected off nearby objects. The features of the RF Dosimetry Lab were included to measure such variables.


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