Centre for Social Impact Swinburne

Mapping the African Diaspora in Australia

This project focuses on African diaspora in Australia. The term, ‘Diaspora’, refers to people who have settled far from their countries of origin or ancestry but maintain an active connection to their ancestral homeland. This study seeks to explore the idea of a “new” African Diaspora, unique to the Australian context.

Existing refugee and migration studies have used narrow conceptualisations of diaspora, and these are not sufficiently adaptable to the Australian context. By aiming to reconceptualise African diaspora in an Australian context, this study offers scope to transcend the limitations of these existing definitions, and explore what diaspora means to people of African descent residing in Australia.

This study also intends to map the new African Diaspora in Australia and explore the role African Australians play in brokering relationships and connections between multiple cultures. African Australian’s contribution to enrich social and cultural life in Australia and their collective contributions to Australian society will also be explored.  

Project timeframe

October 2017 – September 2018

Research team

This project was funded by The Scanlon Foundation.

A project landing page is currently in development. Please direct any enquiries to Dr Kiros Hiruy.