Industry embedded offshore PhD program

Swinburne's offshore PhD programs allow students who are based predominantly offshore (outside of Australia) to enrol in a Swinburne PhD.

As a student, you will be jointly supervised by Swinburne and an industry partner.

You will have access to the same supervisory support and research training as an onshore student, and will spend time in Australia as part of the program.

If successful, you will receive a single doctoral degree from Swinburne.

Industry embedded PhD programs are available focusing on our key research focus areas: 

  • digital innovation
  • industry 4.0 (advanced manufacturing and materials)
  • biomedical devices
  • space tech.
"Swinburne's industry embedded PhD program is driving employability of our research graduates and impact in industry in the international marketplace"

Joint supervision with CSIRO, Silicon Valley

An industry embedded PhD program is available at our joint research office in Silicon Valley based in the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). Supervision is shared between Swinburne, CSIRO and an industry partner.

With more than 1,800 patents, CSIRO is Australia’s largest patent holder. This ever increasing wealth of intellectual property is a vast source of commercial opportunity and has already resulted in more than 150 spin-off companies. For around a century CSIRO has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible in science and technology. Successes include wifi, the Hendra vaccine and polymer banknotes. But it’s tomorrow’s innovations that excites CSIRO – wearable technology that alerts a doctor when you are sick, diets based on your DNA and so much more.

We invite applications for this industry embedded PhD program which focuses on our advanced manufacturing research area. 

PhD model

The model for PhD students involves:

  • enrolment at Swinburne but based in Silicon Valley
  • joint supervision by a Swinburne principal coordinating supervisor, a CSIRO coordinating supervisor, and an industry partner associate supervisor
  • access to facilities at CSIRO and Swinburne
  • a visit to Melbourne (Swinburne and CSIRO) during candidature.

Upon completion of your PhD, you will receive a formal degree certificate from Swinburne.

Current PhD project

Utilising blockchain technologies for the efficient, secure and compliant export of bespoke healthcare products to the United States

This project will investigate the potential application of blockchain technologies for improving the process of exporting custom made medical devices to the United States. It is essential that exports of healthcare products satisfy the US’s stringent regulatory requirements, adhere to strict data security demands, and facilitate reliable traceability, authentication and identification throughout the supply chain. Using blockchain technologies, this project will investigate the possibility of a new solution, that securely records all key interactions, transactions, payments and deliveries necessary in this process, and provides a valuable framework for future US exports of this nature.

PhD candidates for this project would ideally have:

  • a strong interest in blockchain
  • an understanding of the principles of supply chain management
  • knowledge of the medical device market.

Current industry partner: Anatomics

Anatomics is an Australian-owned medical device company in Melbourne that has been manufacturing and marketing surgical products to surgeons since 1996. Anatomics pioneered CT scan derived surgical implant technology and was first to market with an innovative, quality product that assists surgeons to produce better surgical outcomes and save valuable operating theatre time. Partnering with healthcare professionals and medical device companies to provide the highest quality products, the team strives for better surgical outcomes through initiating product developments using the latest technology innovations.


Swinburne University of Technology

Dr John Hopkins, Discipline Leader (Supply Chain and Logistic Management)

Dr Elicia Wong, Director of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Dr Dean Carson, VP of US Operations

Scholarships and financial assistance

Tuition fee scholarships and tax-free living stipend scholarships are available from Swinburne for three years.

Top up scholarships may be available from CSIRO for three years.

Partner with us

Swinburne invites industry to partner with us on research collaboration and joint supervision of PhD programs in our key research focus areas. 

By partnering with us to sponsor a research project, your organisation can benefit from:

  • access to Swinburne's specialised research infrastructure and our global network
  • customising the deliverables to align with your strategic direction
  • innovative, cross-multidisciplinary, realistic solutions to solving real-life industry challenges 
  • collaborating with Swinburne's research expertise
  • research and experimentation tax credit for any scholarship you fund.

Contact us to discuss an industry partnership.

Dr Elicia Wong