Software Systems Lab

The Software Systems Lab focuses on software-intensive systems where software interacts with other software, systems, devices, sensors, actuators and people within and across cyber-physical-social systems.

We are researching new methods, techniques, mechanisms and tools for building, provisioning and operating new software-intensive systems. These include AI-based, distributed and cloud-enabled software solutions and their innovative applications in cyber-physical-social systems.

Our work includes:

  • creating novel applications, such as smart cloud brokering, community-based energy management, collective traffic optimisation and digital twins in smart factories
  • managing software-intensive computing platforms, such as multi-clouds and everything as a service (XaaS)
  • enabling and optimising smart infrastructure, including smart cities, intelligent transport systems, smart energy grids and Industry 4.0
  • linking them all together with large-scale, distributed data sensing, collecting and processing (involving the internet of things (IoT), big data and cognitive analytics).

The Lab brings together internationally renowned researchers to carry out leading-edge research and collaborate with a range of industry and research partners in Australia and overseas.

Our director

Ryszard Kowalczyk is Professor of Intelligent Systems. He has more than 25 years' R&D experience in intelligent systems and their applications in the real world. Ryszard has successfully led more than 30 R&D projects. He has co-authored four patents and published more than 200 articles in journals and conference proceedings. He received his Master of Enginnering and from the University of Zielona Gora, Poland and his PhD in Computer Science from Silesian University of Technology, Poland.

Research capabilities

The Lab concentrates on research in intelligent, cloud-enabled and interconnected software intensive systems and their applications in cyber-physical-social systems, including:

  • Intelligent software systems – Research into AI-based systems, including intelligent agents, collective intelligence and multi-agent systems, focusing on autonomous decision making and negotiation, collective resource coordination and optimisation, autonomic self-organisation, learning and adaptation mechanisms and their applications in building and managing open, large-scale, distributed systems and intelligent infrastructure, including smart clouds, smart energy grids, smart cities and Industry 4.0.
  • Cloud computing systems – Research into cloud performance management and cost-effective systems in the cloud, focusing on quality-assured clouds and multi-cloud brokerage, big data management, workflow management, service-based systems in the cloud computing environment, and their applications in e-research, data science, traffic management, IoT and smart cities.
  • Networked software systems – Research into interconnected software systems, focusing on adaptive software architectures, context-aware systems, software-defined service networking, and data analytics for continuous software delivery and deployment, and their applications in cyber-physical-social systems in general, and in cooperative ITS, IoT, IoP (internet of people) and smart cities in particular.


Professor Ryszard Kowalczyk

T: +61 3 9214 5834