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Dr Xuewen Wang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Dr Xuewen Wang received the B.S. degree in Engineering in 2012 from Chongqing University, Chongqing, China as an excellent graduate student. After that he joined the Key Laboratory of Optical System Advanced Manufacturing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences in Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun, China and worked on the projects on optical system fabrication and testing. In June 2014, he was awarded the SUPRA Scholarship and joined the Centre for Micro-Photonics in Swinburne. After being awarded the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Sciences,  Dr Xuewen Wang joined Baohua's research group as a full-time postdoctoral research fellow.

He have gained considerable experience and developed extensive skills about laser nanofabrication, optical engineering and optical characterization. To the end of 2017, he has more than 20 peer reviewed journal articles and 10 international conference talks. One Research Institutes Seed Grant on 3D laser printed ultra-thin Graphene lenses for human vision corrections (AUD 40k, 1 year)  and one collaborative project with Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences on 3D laser fabrication of diffractive optical components for space telescopes (RMB 1Million, 2 years ) developed and initiated by Xuewen as the key CI. Currently, Xuewen serves as the journal reviewer for the Nanophotonics, Nature: Light Sciences & Applications. 

His current research interests include ultrafast laser fabrication, light structuring, light-matter interaction and energy storage with 2D materials, etc.. Final year projects, Master/Honors and PhD projects are available!   

Research interests

Applied Optics; Nanofabrication; Nanomaterials; Nanophotonics; Nanoplasmonics; Ultrafast Laser Science and Spectroscopy

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

PhD topics and outlines

3D Laser printed Ultrathin Graphene Optics: design and manufactruing toward industrial applications and commercialization: This project mainly focuses on the optical characteristic modification of graphene oxide (GO), by photon reduction. The main focus of this work is to understand the mechanism of light-matter interaction and to design and fabricate highly efficient achromatic diffractive optical elements for imaging applications


Available to supervise honours students.

Honours topics and outlines

(Master/Honors Position Available) Design and protyping ultrathin diffractive optics for human vision corrections: The main focuses of this work are to design and fabricate achromatic multiple focal diffractive elements with femtosecond laser printing on graphene oxide material for human vision corrections

(Master/Honors Position Available) Twisting the light in the nanoscale: Engineering the behavior of light propagation in the free space is very exciting. By creating an azimuthal phase distribution in the propagation medium when light travels, a twisted light beam can be generated. This project will main focus on design and fabricate phase elements on a fibre tip, to structure the light for fibre lasers.    

Fields of Research

  • Classical And Physical Optics - 510302
  • Lasers And Quantum Electronics - 510202
  • Photonics, Optoelectronics And Optical Communications - 510204

Teaching areas

Applied Optics;Nanofabrication;Nanophotonics;Scientific Computing and Visualisation;PHY


  • 2017, Swinburne, ECR-SUPRA Award, Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2017, International, 2017 SPIE Optics + Photonics Student Chapter Officer Travel Grant Award, SPIE
  • 2015, National, Nanotechnology Network Travel Grant, Australian Nanotechnology Network
  • 2014, Swinburne, SUPRA Award, Swinburne University of Technology


Also published as: Wang, Xuewen; Wang, X.; Wang, X. W.; Wang, Xue Wen
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