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Dr Jeremy Nguyen is a Senior Researcher and Lecturer at the Swinburne Business School. He holds a PhD from the Australian National University in computable general equilibrium modelling. Prior to the current position at Swinburne, he worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia, held teaching positions at the ANU and Griffith University, and was a Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Nguyen co-leads a multi-disciplinary research team examining the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) on business processes, writing practices, and education. His research also often investigates bias, discrimination and mitigation strategies. With a background in economics, finance, and writing, his generative AI work has been featured in Forbes, a forthcoming O'Reilly textbook, and quoted by the President of OpenAI.

Jeremy teaches AI workshops internationally and has won national awards for his teaching. Outside of his university roles, he has written for television (Disney+, NBC Universal, SBS Australia) and received Writers Guild award nominations, which informs his research on AI, storytelling, and effective communication in various industries.

Recent Articles

A* and Q1 Ranked 

Nguyen, Jeremy K. (2023). The economic case for equality in screenplays: The Bechdel test, female dialogue and box office revenue, Journal of Screenwriting, Vol. 14, no. 2 (Jul 2023), pp. 173-190

Valadkhani, Abbas ; Nguyen, Jeremy ; Chiah, Mardy (2022). When is gold an effective hedge against inflation?, Resources Policy, Vol. 79 (Dec 2022), 103009

Karg, Adam ; Nguyen, Jeremy ; McDonald, Heath (2021). Understanding Season Ticket Holder Attendance Decisions, Journal of Sport Management, Vol. 35, no. 3 (May 2021), pp. 239-253

Nguyen, Jeremy ; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Nguyen, Alan ; Wake, Alexandra (2021). Press freedom and the global economy: The cost of slipping backwards, Journalism Studies, Vol. 22, no. 4 (Mar 2021), pp. 399-417

Valadkhani, A., Smyth, R. and Nguyen, J. (2019). Effects of primary energy consumption on CO2 emissions under optimal thresholds: Evidence from sixty countries over the last half century, Energy Economics,  [Scimago=Q1, ABDC=A*]

Bailey, Neil W. ; Nguyen, Jeremy ; Bialylew, Elise ; Corin, Steve E. ; Gilbertson, Tamsyn ; Chambers, Richard ; Fitzgerald, Paul B. (2018) Effect on well-being from an online mindfulness intervention: 'Mindful in May', Mindfulness.

Valadkhani, Abbas ; Anwar, Sajid ; Ghazanfari, Arezoo ; Nguyen, Jeremy (2021). Are petrol retailers less responsive to changes in wholesale or crude oil prices when they face lower competition? The case of Greater Sydney, Energy Policy, Vol. 153 (Jun 2021), 112278

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Valadkhani, A., Nguyen, J. and Smyth, R. (2018), Consumer electricity and gas prices across Australian capital cities: structural breaks, effects of policy reforms and interstate differences, Energy Economics, accepted 24 April 2018. doi:10.1016/j.eneco.2018.04.038

Gholipour, Hassan F. ; Tajaddini, Reza ; Nguyen, Jeremy (2016). Happiness and inbound tourism, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 57 (Mar 2016), pp. 251-253

A and Q2 Ranked

Nguyen, Jeremy K. (2022). Racial discrimination in non-fungible token (NFT) prices? CryptoPunk sales and skin tone, Economics Letters, Vol. 218 (Sep 2022), 110727

Nguyen, Jeremy K. ; Karg, Adam ; Valadkhani, Abbas ; McDonald, Heath (2022). Predicting individual event attendance with machine learning: a 'step-forward' approach, Applied Economics, Vol. 54, no. 27 (Jun 2022), pp. 3138-3153

Yeomans, Carleigh ; Karg, Adam ; Nguyen, Jeremy (2024). Who churns from fitness centres? Evidence from behavioural and attitudinal segmentation, Managing Sport and Leisure (Jan 2024), pp. 1-17

Valadkhani, Abbas ; Ghazanfari, Arezoo ; Nguyen, Jeremy ; Moradi-Motlagh, Amir ; 2021. The asymmetric effects of COVID19 on wholesale fuel prices in Australia, Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol. 71 (Sep 2021), pp. 255-266

Journal article Nguyen, Jeremy ; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Hajargasht, Gholamreza ; 2021. The Choice between Renewables and Non-renewables: Evidence from Electricity Generation in 29 Countries, The Energy Journal, Vol. 42, no. 6 (Sep 2021)

Nguyen, J.; Valadkhani, A.; Hajargasht, G. (2020). The Choice Between Renewables and Non-Renewables: Evidence From Electricity Generation in 29 Countries, The Energy Journal (2020), accepted October 2020.

Nguyen, J. and Valadkhani, A., (2020) Dynamic responses of tourism arrivals in Australia to daily currency fluctuations, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, accepted on 11 July 2020.

Valadkhani, A. and Nguyen, J. (2019). Long-run effects of disaggregated renewable and non-renewable energy consumption on real output, Applied Energy [Quintile=Q1, 5-Year Impact Factor: 8.558, Accepted 27 August 2019]

Valadkhani, A., J. Nguyen, and M. O’Brien (2019). “Asymmetric responses of house prices to changes in the mortgage interest rate: evidence from the Australian capital cities.” Applied Economics (accepted 22 April 2019).

Valadkhani, A.; Nguyen, J.; Hajargasht, G. (2019). Incorporating daily market uncertainty data into a conventional short-run dynamic model: The case of the black-market exchange rate in Iran, Applied Economics (accepted on 11 April 2019).

Minh Son Le, Jen-Je Su & Jeremy Nguyen (2019): Trade liberalisation, poverty, and inequality in Vietnam: a quantile regression approach, Applied Economics (in press).

Nguyen, Jeremy ; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Smyth, Russell (2018). Mortgage product diversity: responding to consumer demand or protecting lender profit? An asymmetric panel analysis, Applied Economics, Vol. 50, no. 43 (2018), pp. 4694-4704.

Su, Jen-Je ; Nguyen, Jeremy ; 2013. Alternative unit root testing strategies using the Fourier approximation, Economics Letters, Vol. 121, no. 1 (Oct 2013), pp. 8-11.

    PhD candidate and honours supervision

    Higher degrees by research

    Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

    Fields of Research

    • Applied Economics - 380100

    Teaching areas

    Quantitative Research Methodology (PhD Coursework);Econometrics;Economics;Data Analysis


    • 2018, National, Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT)
    • 2016, Swinburne, Teaching Excellence Award, Faculty of Business and Law, Swinburne University of Technology
    • 2015, Swinburne, Best Publication, Early Career Researcher, Swinburne University of Technology


    Also published as: Nguyen, Jeremy; Nguyen, J.; Nguyen, Jeremy K.
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    Recent research grants awarded

    • 2023: CUSTOMER EQUITY IN LEISURE SERVICES *; PeninsulaLeisure
    • 2021: Coordinated Access for Data, Researchers and Environments (CADRE) - A Five Safes Implementation Framework for Sensitive Data in HASS *; Australian Research Data Commons
    • 2017: Strengthening capacity for policy analysis to support socio-economic development (Vietnam) *; DFAT Australia Awards Fellowships

    * Chief Investigator