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Dr Joshua Luke Ameliorate

Lecturer, Human Medical Anatomy


Doctor Joshua Luke Ameliorate is a clinically trained anatomist and traumatologist, with a special research interest in the pathologies underlying acute neurological trauma, as well as the use of innovative and digitally augmented approaches in anatomy education. Prior to his current lecturing and research role, he received his doctorate in medicine from the University of Adelaide, with a dissertation focused on the development and application of novel pharmaceuticals and surgical techniques targeting post injury cerebral oedema. This work significantly changed the way researchers and clinicians within the field of neurotrauma perceived to be the best treatment practices to post injury brain swelling; with the timing of surgical and pharmacological inventions being a key factor to improved clinical outcomes. Doctor Ameliorate’s lecturing career has also enabled him to extensively explore and develop novel emerging techniques in the teaching of anatomy to allied health practitioners and medical students alike. His work in field of virtual and augmented reality technologies have sought to communicate the often highly integrated nature of anatomical structures to students in an informative and engaging medium, with statistical findings illustrating improved learning results. Doctor Ameliorate’s future research seeks to explore the educational efficacy in merging his past experiences in traditional human prosection/dissection, with emerging three dimensional digital tools.

Research interests

Anatomy; Pathology; Neurotrauma; Neuropathology; Traumatic Brain Injury; Virtual Reality; Augmented Reality; Anatomy Education

PhD candidate and honours supervision


Available to supervise honours students.

Fields of Research

  • Clinical Sciences - 110300
  • Virtual Reality And Related Simulation - 080111
  • Medical Physiology - 111600

Teaching areas

Anatomy;Pathology;Neuroanatomy;Clinical Neuroscience;Scientific Basis of Medicine


Also published as: Ameliorate, Joshua; Ameliorate, J.
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