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Professor Grenville Armitage

Professor & Director, Centre for Advanced Internet Architecture


Professor Armitage is Head of Swinburne’s Internet For Things (I4T) Research Lab ( His research focuses on the field of IP network infrastructure (such as performance, scalability, resilience, cyber-security and monitoring) that ultimately impacts on an end-user's experience of the Internet.

Professor Armitage’s research examines ways to engineer the Internet to become a unified, resilient and reliable communications platform for billions of humans and orders of magnitude more devices embedded in our built environments. He has previously focused on real-time applications (such as video conferencing and fast-paced, multiplayer online games) and their interactions with the underlying IP network infrastructure.

Other areas of interest include immersive tools for real-time visualisation of IP network conditions, collaborative inquiry/control of network devices, minimally-intrusive IP traffic classification schemes and network monitoring, along with mobile networks and the implications of networks with more bandwidth around the edge than in the core.

Research interests

Broadband Internet Protocol (IP) Architectures; Cloud Computing; Internet of Things; IP Network Resilience and Security; Mobile Networking; Internet networks and security

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

Fields of Research

  • Distributed Computing - 080500
  • Communications Technologies - 100500

Teaching areas

Broadband Internet Protocol (IP) Architectures;Cloud Computing;Internet of Things;IP Network Resilience and Security

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Also published as: Armitage, Grenville; Armitage, G.; Armitage, Grenville J.
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Recent research grants awarded

  • 2016: Rapid detection of BGP anomalies *; Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (for Grants)
  • 2015: Independent implementation of modern Active Queue Management in FreeBSD *; Comcast Cable - international contract
  • 2015: A partial PhD stipend to support research into BGP Anomaly Detection using VIRL *; Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • 2015: AMaster by Researchdegree stipend to support research into Multipath TCP for FreeBSD *; Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • 2015: Test-bed for Wide-Area Software Defined Networking Research *; ARC Linkage Infrastructure and Equipment Scheme - For funding commencing in 2015
  • 2014: Investigation of Dynamic Network Management System in an openFlow Enabled Environment *; Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • 2014: Support for a Masters (research) program in Multipath TCP performance evaluation and enhancements *; FREE BSD FOUNDATION_ INTERNATIONAL NON PROFIT DONATIONS
  • 2013: A comparison of popular and emerging TCP congestion control techniques *; Cisco University Research Program
  • 2013: Exploring possible mitigation for incast TCP congestion in data centres *; Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • 2013: Low cost home network monitoring using '3D virtual environments' *; Cisco University Research Program
  • 2013: Support for a PhD program in high-performance IP-based content delivery *; Netflix Inc (USA)
  • 2013: Using Multipath TCP to improve 'Vehicle to Infrastructure' communications *; Cisco University Research Program
  • 2012: Multipath TCP for FreeBSD *; Cisco University Research Program
  • 2011: Detecting and reducing BGP update noise *; Cisco University Research Program
  • 2011: DIFFUSE for FreeBSD *; FreeBSD Proposals
  • 2011: Tools and models for measuring and predicting growth in internet addressing and routing complexity *; ARC Linkage Projects Scheme
  • 2011: Using delay-gradient TCP to reduce the impact of 'blufferbloat' and lossy wireless paths *; Cisco University Research Program
  • 2010: Collaborative investigation into BGP routing dynamics and the use of existing and previously un-routed Internet address space *; Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (for Contracts)
  • 2010: Exploring the utility of Stateless TCP for high-speed, high-load DNS under FreeBSD *; Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) & Nominet - APNIC
  • 2010: Extending open source packet filtering to support distributed statistical traffic classification *; Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • 2010: Five new TCP congestion control algorithms for FreeBSD *; FreeBSD Proposals
  • 2009: Implementing and testing delay-based transport protocols in FreeBSD *; Cisco University Research Program
  • 2009: Large-scale synthesis and evaluation of interactions between VoIP, onine multiplayer games and traditional TCP-based services in the broadband consumer environment *; Agilent Technologies Foundation
  • 2008: Enhancing the free BSD TCP implementation *; FreeBSD Proposals
  • 2008: Exploring the utilisation of IPv4 address space and size of the NATed IPv4 internet *; Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (for Contracts)
  • 2008: Heuristics to reduce BGP update noise *; Cisco University Research Program

* Chief Investigator