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Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Tsong Chen

Accredited Supervisor

Ye Chen

Cell Biology and Biochemistry; Biomedical science
Accredited Supervisor
7/2011-current: Postdoctoral researcher at Centre for micro-photonic, Swinburne university of technology, Melbourne, Australia 10/2005 --- 05/2010 Ph.D at International Master's/PhD/MD-PhD Neurosciences Program, Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medi...

James Chon

Nanophotonics; Nanoplasmonics; Biophotonics; Applied Optics; Multi-Dimensional Optical Data Storage; Graphene; Cell Biophysics; Nanomaterials; Ultrafast Laser Science and Spectroscopy
Accredited Supervisor
Associate Professor James Chon's research interest is in optical microscopy and spectroscopy of single quantum objects. This research area includes plasmonic, metallic, semiconductor nanoparticles and dye molecules, and their application in nanophotonic de...

Caslon Chua

Accredited Supervisor

Andrew Clayton

Accredited Supervisor
Prof. Andrew Clayton, Professor of Biophotonics at the Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria, Australia undertook his Ph.D. studies in physical chemistry at the University of Melbourne (Prof. Ken Ghiggino) then spent time as ARC research fellow in t...

Nathan Clisby

My main field of research is statistical mechanics, which is the study of physical systems with many, many constituents, with the goal of understanding how these constituents can cooperate to bring about global changes of state, otherwise known as phase tr...

Nerida Cole

Accredited Supervisor
Dr Nerida Cole graduated with a PhD in 1999 from the School of Optometry, University of New South Wales. Her research on the host cytokine response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa corneal infection received the Rakesh Kumar Prize for experimental pathology....

Alan Colman

Accredited Supervisor

Emily Cook

Accredited Supervisor