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Department of Management and Marketing

Wahed Waheduzzaman

Accredited Supervisor

Samuel Wilson

Accredited Supervisor
Samuel is a social psychologist, leadership scholar, and registered psychologist. His areas of research range from psychological studies of time and identity to public opinion research into citizens' perceptions and expectations of responsible leaders...

Amna Yousaf

Accredited Supervisor
Dr Amna Yousaf started working with Swinburne University of Technology as Lecturer in the Department of Management & Marketing since March, 2017. She specializes in HRM/OB with her PhD around that area from University of Twente, Netherlands (2010). She...

Nives Zubcevic-Basic

Advertising Effectiveness; Marketing Communications; Branding; Psychology and Neuromarketing; Consumption and Everday Life; Culture; Gender; Sexuality; International Advertising
Accredited Supervisor
As the Director, Master of Marketing, Nives is responsible for setting and implementing the program's strategic initiatives. The role involves the ability to consult and work in conjunction with stakeholders both within and outside of the Faculty of Busine...