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Department of Psychological Sciences

Jason Skues

Accredited Supervisor

Con Stough

Psychology; Brain Science and health; Emotional Intelligence; Theories of Intelligence; Psychopharmacology of cognition and emotion; Natural medicines, the brain and cognition; Drugs and driving; Ilicit drugs, MDMA (Ecstasy), cannabis, amphetamines; Ageing and cognition.
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Con Stough’s research interest lies in understanding human intelligence and cognition. He examines this central question from both psychological and biological perspectives, particularly using pharmacological methods. A significant part of this...

Stephen Theiler

Accredited Supervisor
Stephen has been teaching at Swinburne since 1996. At present he teaches counselling in the Postgraduate area and supervises a full load of 4th year, Masters and PhD students in their research and clinical work. His teaching achievements include National C...

Monica Thielking

youth homelessness; school psychology; service integration; education equity
Accredited Supervisor
Dr Monica Thielking is a senior lecturer in the Department of Psychological Sciences. She is a registered Psychologist and Psychology Board of Australia approved Supervisor. She is an internationally renowned researcher in the areas of school psychology an...

Neil Thomas

Clinical Psychology
Accredited Supervisor
Neil Thomas is an Associate Professor in Swinburne’s Department of Psychological Sciences, Deputy Director of the Centre for Mental Health, Director of the National eTherapy Centre, and Honorary Consultant Clinical Psychologist with Alfred Health. He has...

Benedict Williams

Accredited Supervisor

Danielle Williamson

Accredited Supervisor
Danielle is a lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology, teaching across the undergradtuate, Honours, and postgraduate programs. She teaches units on Abnormal Psychology, the Psychology of Trauma, Psychological Assessment, Counselling and the Clinical...

Lisa Wise

Cognitive Science; Human Factors Psychology; Multisensory integration; Self-Regulation and Attention; Expert Skilled Performance; Human Computer Interactions; Digital Technologies and Training; Online and Blended Learning
Accredited Supervisor
Lisa's PhD and post-doctoral research investigated auditory spatial coding and multisensory integration in cats, bats and owls. Lisa spent a number of years as an academic in neuroscience and psychology at Monash University, before working as a web applica...

Catherine Wood

Accredited Supervisor