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Department of Mechanical Engineering and Product Design Engineering

Suresh Palanisamy

Additive and Near Net Shape Manufacturing; Materials Characterisation; Non-Contact Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing; Ultrasound; Recycling
Associate Professor Suresh Palanisamy is the Director of the Transport Innovation Centre, working closely with the Malaysia Automotive Institute and industry. His work involves research activities in advanced manufacturing technologies and laser ultrasonic...

Rizwan Abdul Rahman Rashid

Materials Science; Materials Characterisation; Titanium alloys; Laser Assisted Machining; Additive and Near Net Shape Manufacturing
Dr. Rizwan Abdul Rahman Rashid completed his PhD from The University of Queensland in 2013. His work was on the laser-assisted machining of beta titanium alloys. Since then, he is working as a Research Engineer at Swinburne. He is also working with De...

M Akbar Rhamdhani

Resource efficiency; Recovery of metals from alternative and urban resources; New processes for metal production with low carbon footprint; High Temperature Materials Processing; Thermodynamics; Kinetics; High Temperature Physical Chemistry; Phase Equilibria; Materials Characterisation
Accredited Supervisor
Associate Professor M Akbar Rhamdhani obtained his PhD from McMaster University Canada in Materials Science and Engineering. He has been a teaching-research academic at Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) and the University of Queensland, before joined S...

Dong Ruan

Accredited Supervisor
Professor Dong Ruan's research area is impact engineering. Her primary research fields include the dynamic properties of materials, energy absorption of materials and structures, and impact mechanics. Ruan has secured over $3 million in research grants fro...

Sarah Russell

Accredited Supervisor

Abul Bashar Saifullah

Accredited Supervisor
Abul Saifullah received his PhD from Swinburne University of Technology in 2011, in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE and Advanced Manufacturing. He has been teaching here at Swinburne in engineering department since 2008, as casual basis before joining as Lecturer...

Igor Sbarski

Accredited Supervisor

Shoujin Sun

Accredited Supervisor

James Wang

Accredited Supervisor
Since joining Swinburne University of Technology in 2002 Dr James Wang has held roles as a research fellow, senior research fellow and senior lecturer.  Dr Wang’s research interests include the preparation, characterisation and application of variou...

Yat Wong

Accredited Supervisor