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Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Christopher Berndt

Engineering; Coatings technology; Biomaterials such orthopaedic devices; Failure of materials; Thermal Spray; Nanotechnology
Accredited Supervisor
Distinguished Professor Chris Berndt joined Swinburne in early 2008 as the founding Professor of Surface Science and Interface Engineering. This followed his role as founding Professor of Surface and Interface Engineering at James Cook University, a tenure...

Mrinal Bhave

Accredited Supervisor
Mrinal obtained her PhD from the University of Poona in Pune, India, followed by post-doctoral positions at the National Institute of Health (USA) and University of Florida. Her experience also includes research posts with the Murdoch Institute of the Roya...

Chris Blake

Accredited Supervisor
Professor Chris Blake is an observational cosmologist with research interests in large-scale structure, dark energy and gravity, and galaxy evolution. His research examines questions concerning how the universe was made, what it is formed of, and the physi...

Aaron Blicblau

Engineering Education; Experiential Learning; Online education; Technological education; Materials Science and Engineering; First year Transitioning student engagement with course-work
Accredited Supervisor

Philip Branch

Information Technology; IT Security Systems; Internet of Things; Mesh Networks; Mobile communications; Surveillance; Lawful interception; BGP Anomaly Detection
Accredited Supervisor
Philip Branch is an Associate Professor in Telecommunications Engineering at Swinburne University of Technology. Before joining Swinburne he was Development Manager of Interception Management Systems with Ericsson AsiaPacific Labs, responsible for the deve...

Geoffrey Brooks

Engineering mathematics; Steelmaking; Aluminium production; Magnesium production; Sustainable mineral/ metals; High temperature processes; Green processing; Extractive metallurgy; Mathematical modelling
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Brooks is the Director of Joint Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing in Shandong where he co-ordinate the research and HDR program of that Centre. Since completing his PhD in 1994, Professor Brooks has been an Senior Lecturer at the Univers...

Peter Bruce

airline operations, operational decision-making, expertise, experience, situation awareness, safety culture, safety climate
Accredited Supervisor
Peter's employment in the aviation industry included over 16 years as an operations controller in the Operations Control department in TAA/Australian Airlines. He is the Deputy Chair in the Aviation department and the Course Coordinator for the Graduate Ce...