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Department of Mathematics

Nadezda Sukhorukova

optimisation and applications
Accredited Supervisor

Sergey Suslov

Spatio-temporal hydrodynamic stability theory; Ferrohydrodynamics; Magnetoconvection; Theoretical fluid mechanics; Non-Boussinesq convection; Dynamical systems; Low-dimensional models of fluid flows; Tropical Cyclones; Mathematical modelling
Accredited Supervisor

Billy Todd

Molecular Modelling; Computational Nanofluidics; Statistical Mechanics
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Billy Todd is Chair of Swinburne’s Department of Mathematics. His research specialties include statistical mechanics, non-equilibrium molecular dynamics and computational nanofluidics.Alongside his research work, Professor Todd teaches a variet...

Tonghua Zhang

Differential Equations; Nonlinear Dynamical Systems; Mathematical Biology
Accredited Supervisor