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Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology

Enzo Palombo

Microbiology, Infectious diseases, Food health and safety
Accredited Supervisor
Received PhD from La Trobe University studying the genetics of bacterial conjugation. Spent 10 years at the Royal Children's Hospital investigating the genetic epidemiology of gastroenteritis viruses, particularly rotavirus and astrovirus. Research interes...

Stephen Poropat

Accredited Supervisor

Huseyin Sumer

Accredited Supervisor
Dr Huseyin Sumer attended the University of Melbourne for his undergraduate studies. He obtained his PhD at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute from the Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences at the University of...

Vi Khanh Truong

Accredited Supervisor

Feng Wang

Molecular Modelling; Photocatalysis; Scientific Computing and Visualisation; Materials Science; Medical Biophysics
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Feng Wang is currently on Academic Sabbatical Leave at School of Physics and School of Chemistry (Bio21 Institute) at The University of Melbourne, as Honorary Professor from July - December 2017. She will be Visiting Professor at National Researc...

George Wang

Nanofabrication; Nanostructured Materials; Biomedical science; Biotechnology; Colloids and Interface Science; Materials Science; Nanobiotechnology; Cell Biology and Biochemistry; Bioreactors and Tissue Engineering
Accredited Supervisor
Over the last decade, I am interesting in the stem cell behaviour on various biomaterials. Different topics were studied including mechanical stimulation on cartilage tissue engineering, and biomaterial surface effects on stem cells in terms of s...

Hayden Webb

Accredited Supervisor

Aimin Yu

Nanostructured Materials; Colloids and Interface Science; Analytical Chemistry; Surface Analysis; Graphene
Accredited Supervisor
Dr Aimin Yu received her PhD in Chemistry at Nanjing University (China) in 1997. After being a Lecturer at the same university for three years, Aimin took a postdoctoral position at Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (Germany). Aimin moved to ...