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Department of Mathematics

Nathan Clisby

My main field of research is statistical mechanics, which is the study of physical systems with many, many constituents, with the goal of understanding how these constituents can cooperate to bring about global changes of state, otherwise known as phase tr...

Ant Edwards

Accredited Supervisor
I am currently working on projects related to the teaching, learning, and assessment of mathematics at university.My research interests includeUse of examples in tertiary mathematical reasoningStudent understanding in tertiary mathematicsStudent engagement...

Federico Frascoli

Dynamical systems; Statistical Mechanics; Mathematical biology; Computational Nanofluidics; Epidemiology; Neuroscience
Accredited Supervisor
I am interested in systems out of equilibrium, in a variety of (apparently) different contexts. From cellular motility to nano-confined fluids, from immune-cancer dynamics to brain oscillations, I am fascinated by the patterns and strategies that Nature cr...

Paul Hernandez Martinez

Accredited Supervisor

Louise Olsen-Kettle

Accredited Supervisor
Louise has a PhD in theoretical and computational physics & chemistry, and has postdoctoral research experience at National Taiwan University and the University of Queensland. She was a computational scientist in the UQ School of Earth S...

William Phillips

Accredited Supervisor
Professor Phillips joined the Department of Mathematics at Swinburne in April 2007 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he spent much of his career in the (then) Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. Prior to that he held ap...

Andriy Pototskyy

Mathematical biology; Stochastic processes
Accredited Supervisor
2005: PhD in theoretical physics (BTU Cottbus, Germany), 2006-2010: Research Associate (Oxford UK, Loughborough UK), 2010-2013: Lecturer in Applied Mathematics (UCT, Cape Town, SA), joined SUT in September 2013.

David Richards

Accredited Supervisor