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Matthew Bailes

Astronomy; Pulsars; Big Bang Cosmology
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Matthew Bailes is an Australian research Council Laureate Fellow and the Director of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGRav). He is a world leader in the discovery and timing of millisecond p...

Geoffrey Brooks

Engineering mathematics; Steelmaking; Aluminium production; Magnesium production; Sustainable mineral/ metals; High temperature processes; Green processing; Extractive metallurgy; Mathematical modelling
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Brooks is the Director of Joint Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing in Shandong where he co-ordinate the research and HDR program of that Centre. Since completing his PhD in 1994, Professor Brooks has been an Senior Lecturer at the Univers...

Alan Duffy

Galaxy Formation; Cosmology; Square Kilometre Array; Advanced Statistics and Big Data; Dark Matter; Telescopes; Reionisation; Supercomputer
Accredited Supervisor
I create model universes on supercomputers to uncover the nature of dark matter (a new type of particle that binds galaxies together) and the key physical laws that govern the formation of galaxies. I focus on two extremes of distance, the very close and t...

Abdur Rahim M Forkan

Dr. Forkan is an early career researcher working in the area of data analytics. He commenced working in Swinburne University of Technology in April 2017 as a Senior Research Engineer (Software and Data Analytics) in Digital Innovation Lab.&n...

Ali Yavari

Accredited Supervisor
Ali Yavari is Senior Research Engineer (Software and Data Analytics) at Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. He has received his Master of Science degree in Communication Systems from KTH Royal Institute of...