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Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology
Centre for Quantum and Optical Science

Bryan Dalton

Accredited Supervisor

Lap Dao

Accredited Supervisor

Jeffrey Davis

Accredited Supervisor

Peter Drummond

Scientific Computing and Visualisation; Ultracold Quantum Gases; Ultrafast Laser Science and Spectroscopy; Quantum information; GPU and advanced HPC algorithms
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Drummond was educated at Auckland and Waikato University in New Zealand, and at Harvard University in the USA. He has worked as an academic at Auckland and Queensland Universities, and as a researcher at Rochester University. He has been a visiti...

Stuart Earl

Accredited Supervisor

Brenton Hall

Ultracold Quantum Gases
Accredited Supervisor
I am an experimental physicist whose focus is in laser cooling, atom trapping, Bose-Einstein condensates, atom interferometry and atom chips.  My research interests are aligned with the Centre for Quantum and Optical Science (

Peter Hannaford

Ultracold atoms; Bose Einstein condensation; Atom optics; Femtosecond laser spectroscopy; Laser atomic physics; Ultracold Fermi gases
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Hannaford received a BSc, MSc and PhD from the University of Melbourne. He was a Chief Research Scientist at CSIRO in Clayton, Australia before moving to Swinburne University of Technology in 2001 to become Director of the Centre for Atom Optics...

Ivan Herrera Benzaquen

My current and past research interests focus on; quantum control, quantum simulation and matter-wave interferometry with ultra-cold atoms. Quantum control is a rapidly evolving research area, which has developed over the last three decades. Controlling qua...