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Centre for Ocean Engineering, Science and Technology

Alexander Babanin

Accredited Supervisor

David Provis

David is a Senior Principal of Cardno. He has more than 30-year's experience in coastal oceanography including the design and execution of oceanographic field work, data analysis and numerical modelling. He is a member of the National Committee on Coastal ...

Sergey Suslov

Spatio-temporal hydrodynamic stability theory; Ferrohydrodynamics; Magnetoconvection; Theoretical fluid mechanics; Non-Boussinesq convection; Dynamical systems; Low-dimensional models of fluid flows; Tropical Cyclones; Mathematical modelling
Accredited Supervisor

Alessandro Toffoli

ocean waves; freak waves; rogue waves; wave statistics; wave-ice interaction; ocean mixing
Accredited Supervisor
Dr Toffoli has a wealth of experience in ocean and coastal engineering, physical oceanography and air-sea interactions, which includes research, teaching, consultancy, working at the Universities and industry. With Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from...