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Centre for Social Impact Swinburne

Christopher Baker

Accredited Supervisor
Christopher Baker is a Research Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Centre for Social Investment and Philanthropy, part of the Centre for Social Impact Swinburne. Christopher is passionate about the contribution of private wealth to public good. His pre-academic ca...

Jo Barraket

Social enterprise; Public Policy; social innovation; third sector; social economy
Accredited Supervisor
Professor Jo Barraket is a leading researcher in social enterprise and social innovation in Australia. Her work spans questions of public policy, organisational hybridity and social change. Jo is known for her work in mapping the social enterprise field in...

Erin Castellas

Dr Castellas is a leading researcher and experienced project manager in practice-based areas at the interface between economic, social and environmental outcomes, including expertise in hybrid organizations, social and environmental finance, and sustainabl...

Hilary Davis

Accredited Supervisor

Robyn Eversole

Accredited Supervisor
Professor Robyn Eversole studies development issues and processes in Australia and internationally. She is an anthropologist whose research crosses disciplines to address practical development issues. Much of her work has focused on linking the resear...

Jane Farmer

Accredited Supervisor
Jane Farmer is Professor of Health & Social Innovation and Deputy Director of the Centre for Social Impact at Swinburne. She has a distinguished track record of research in rural health services, innovations in health workforce and technology, communit...

John Fitzgerald

China - politics and history; Philanthropy and Social Investment - Australia, USA, China, Asia; Multiculturalism - Chinese in Australia; Asian languages and studies in Australia; International relations - East Asia (China, Japan, Korea); International Development Assistance
Accredited Supervisor
Before joining Swinburne in 2013 John served five years as Representative of The Ford Foundation in Beijing where he directed the Foundation's China operations. Before that, he was Head of the School of Social Sciences at La Trobe University and before tha...