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FBL Faculty Central Office

Sandra Luxton

Accredited Supervisor
Sandra Luxton has over 20 years' experience as an academic at Monash University, University of South Australia and QUT. She has held many leadership roles including Director of the Master of Marketing (online), Director of Industry Based Learning, Director...

Heath McDonald

Accredited Supervisor
As the Associate Dean (Research and Development), Professor McDonald has the responsibility for setting the faculty's research strategy. The role involves both the development and support of staff research activities and the management and care of the...

Huong Nguyen

management; leadership; research policy; research management; managment innovation; higher education; middle level management; women in science; women in university leadership
Accredited Supervisor
Dr Huong Nguyen has expertise in organizational development and capacity building through her research, teaching and management. Through her publications in top-tier journals (e.g. Higher Education and Minerva), she engages current literature and contempor...