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Department of Aviation

Peter Bruce

airline operations, operational decision-making, expertise, experience, situation awareness, safety culture, safety climate
Accredited Supervisor
Peter's employment in the aviation industry included over 16 years as an operations controller in the Operations Control department in TAA/Australian Airlines. He is the Deputy Chair in the Aviation department and the Course Coordinator for the Graduate Ce...

Matt Ebbatson

Accredited Supervisor
Dr Matt Ebbatson is the Aviation Postgraduate Course Director in the Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology at Swinburne University. He holds a BSc Hons (Physics) from the University of Leeds, as well as an MSc (Human Factors & Safety Analysi...

Stephen Fankhauser

Aviation training and education; Aircraft technology

Yi Gao

Airline Operations; Aviation Safety; Aviation Strategy; Safety Culture; Pilot Education; Safety Climate; Loyalty Program
Accredited Supervisor
Dr. Yi Gao is the Course Director and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Aviation, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology. His principle research areas are airline operations optimization, aviation safety, pilot selection and pilot learning/cog...

Alan Lau

Accredited Supervisor
Professor Alan Kin-tak Lau is Swinburne’s Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Performance and Development). His research focuses on materials science, particularly bio-composites, smart composites and nano-composites. He holds a PhD from The Hong Kong Polytech...

Chrystal Zhang

Aviation Strategy; Aviation Policy; Aviation Safety; Education; Airline Operations; Aviation Human Factors; Communication, Journalism and Media Studies
Accredited Supervisor
With a PhD in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University, Chrystal has developed her expertise throughout her 27 years of industry experience working in both public and private sectors including governments, world-renowned aviation consultancy firm...