Centre for Micro-Photonics

Nanophotonics research program current projects

Optical nanomaterial spectroscopy

Multidimensional optical storage and information processing using lithographed plasmonic nanorods

Supervisor: Associate Professor James Chon

In this project, we use electron-beam lithography/nanoimprint lithography to fabricate large area, multilayered plasmonic nanorod array for application in multi-dimensional optical storage, optical element and meta-material development. Plasmonic nanostructures can be designed to optimise absorption/scattering of light waves, which can control light propagation or light information processing and storage. The project aims to develop high density (> 1 Tbits/cm3), high capacity (> 20 layers, > 1 cm2 area) array of plasmonic nanorods by combining electron beam lithography and nanoimprint lithography techniques. The project will utilise in-house Nano-lab facilities for fabrication, and ONSPA laser spectroscopy facilities for the characterisation of the structures.

Two-photon luminescence of plasmonic nanoantennas and superstructures

Supervisor: Associate Professor James Chon

In this project, we propose to study plasmon coupled nanoantenna and superstructures by means of linear and non-linear luminescence spectroscopy, to understand the field enhancement mechanisms and to increase its luminescence quantum efficiency. In particular, the plasmon coupling will be maximised to increase field strength inside the structure. This project will help develop novel non-toxic, highly efficient, linear and nonlinear luminescent markers that are stable and free of blinking/bleaching. Such markers will be great assets for targeted cell imaging, photodynamic cancer therapy, and high density optical storage.

Laser nanomaterials

Fundamental laser 2D materials interaction

Supervisor: Professor Baohua Jia

This project aims to investigate the fundamental physical property change in 2D materials induced by ultrafast laser pulses.

Graphene oxide thin films for filtration

Supervisor: Professor Baohua Jia

This project aims to manipulate the porosity of graphene oxide thin films with lasers to serve the diverse filtration requirements of different gas and liquid materials.

Graphene oxide thin films for energy storage

Supervisor: Professor Baohua Jia

This project aims to manipulate the electric conductivity and the surface area of porous graphene oxide thin film materials with lasers to serve for energy storage. The porous graphene oxide materials will be used as electrode materials in supercapacitors and batteries.

Structured nanomaterial for renewable energy applications

Supervisor: Professor Baohua Jia

This project aims to design and fabricate various materials with nanostructures for renewable energy applications, such as solar-thermal, photovoltaic and radiative cooling.

2D material photonic devices

Supervisor: Professor Baohua Jia

This project aims at designing and fabricating various photonic devices, for example ultrathin flat lens, polarizers, absorbers, based on the large phase and amplitude changes induced by direct laser modulation of 2D materials.

2D materials device in optical communications

Supervisor: Professor Baohua Jia

This project aims at developing the applications of 2D materials in the optical communication devices to improve the performance of the devices, including speed, efficiency and modulations.

Photonic nanostructure design, optimisation, and fabrication

Supervisor: Professor Baohua Jia

This project aims at combining the flexibility of structure optimisation expertise from Prof. Xiaodong Huang with 3D direct laser patterning at the LNI group to develop artificial structures with exotic properties not existing in nature.

Photophysics relevant to perovskite solar cells

Supervisor: Professor Baohua Jia

This project aims to reveal the dynamic processes of photogenerated carriers and mobile ions in perovskite solar cells, as well as the interaction between them; and further overcome currently existing major technical problems and demonstrate highly stable and high efficiency perovskite based perovskite solar cells for next commercialization. Various ultrafast, time-resolved micro-spectroscopic techniques will be applied in this project.

Manipulation of hot carriers in perovskite and their photovoltaic applications

Supervisor: Professor Baohua Jia

Perovskite exhibits significant slowed hot carriers and is very promising for hot carrier solar cells which can achieve high efficiency over Shockley–Queisser limit.

Optical probe of ionic dynamics in perovskite

Supervisor: Professor Baohua Jia

Perovskites have been showed mixed electric-ionic conductor and mobile ions play critical role in determining the properties and performance of the devices. Using time-resolved micros-pectroscopy we can probe the dynamics of the mobile ions in perovskites and their nanostructures.

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