Centre for Micro-Photonics

Postgraduate students

NameThesis / project title
Amr Allam DN3a thymocyte: Novel model for investigating T cell development aberration in cancer
Hamed Arianfard Enhancement of light absorption efficiency in plasmonic thin film solar cells by using double grating structures
Guiyuan Cao  Design and optimisation of functional photonic nanostructures
An-chi Chang Defining the cell biological basis for immune cell fate determination
Khelina Fedorchuk Machine learning in dynamic microscopy
Stuart Flanders The geometrical effects on field enhancements in two-photon luminescence and surface enhanced raman scattering with plasmonic nanostructures
Scott Fraser Laser fabrication of three-dimensional graphene for supercapacitors
Agus Hartoyo Inference and modelling of brain dynamics
Jingwen Hu Optimisation of film fabrication process of thin film solar cell
Linnan Jia Development of advanced metal oxide thin films for applications of nonvolatile memory devices
MD Lutful Kabir Structure and dynamics of some anti-cancer drugs using spectroscopy and theoretical chemistry
Delaram Katoozi Uptake kinetic and aggregation of gold nanoparticles in cancer diagnostics, using plasmon coupling and image correlation spectroscopy: Application in oral and ovarian cancer
Yao Liang Manipulation of extraordinary spin of light in integrated platforms (photonic integrated circuits and metasurfaces) with two dimensional (2D) materials
Shirong Lin Nonlinear optical responses of hybrid graphine oxide films
Denver Linklater Nanofabrication of mechano-bactericidal surfaces
Stefan Lundgaard Solid state primers, terahertz and metasurface devices
Rakesh Parayil Parameswaran Nair Aggregation and uptake kitetics of gold nanoparticles in cancer cells using image correlation spectroscopy
Palalle Perera Development of innovative electromagnetic field-induced permeability technique for cell drug delivery and gene therapy
Yang Qu Application of integrated optical frequency comb in microwave optics
Amit Kumar Sahu Nanoparticle enabled holographic toward three-dimentional display
Mengxi Tan Research on novel integrated photonic devices with 2D materials
Nouman Tariq Graphene and printed electronics for energy harvesting
Jason Valentino Wandiyanto Understanding the mechano-bactericidal effect of the nano-structured surfaces effect
Xingyuan Xu Nonlinear all-optial information processing based on integrated photonic devices
Tieshan Yang 3D multilayer graphene oxide thin film platform for functional devices
Yunyi Yang Femtosecond laser controlled materials reaction
Tao Yao Graphene oxide thin film supercapacitor
Huihui Zhang Preparation of functionalised two-dimensional materials for electronics and optoelectronics by an ink-jet printing method
Yachu Zhang Pressure sensor research based on GOir-GO
Chunhua Zhou Highly sensitive SERS detection in a microfluidic chip by femtosecond laser writing technology
Kajal Zibaei Studying CD8+ T cell immune response using in vitro live cell imaging
Shuangyang Zou Research plan for optical properties of ions doping II-VI semiconductors